Berkhamsted Cricket Club T20 XI squad

Jez O'Neill
In the manner of all great keepers, he isn't shy of a word or two not only to the opposition but to his own teammates! 

Tidy and efficient when keeping, he sets high standards for all the team in the field. Blessed with a good all-round batting game the club is yet to see the best of him, 2014 could well be the year we do.

Assumed a new role as Assistant Treasurer this season and one can be sure nothing will get pass him.
James Wyatt
New to the club in 2012, James is a very useful middle order batsman who is starting to become our own Michael Bevan.

Living in Egypt now, he graces us with his presence when on holiday in the town and has added some much needed experience to the team. Still fancies himself as a spinning option but has found the door well and truly closed with the return to prominence of one, Steve Dight.

The only other member of the teams 'A-team' fielding group, he is the current title holder of the handbag award.

The only man we know that owns a pair of lemon coloured chinos and is willing to admit it.
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