Membership Subs

2020 Membership subscriptions

Please note that by paying their subs, all members confirm that they have read and agree to abide by our rules and codes of conduct.

Subs are payable by January 1st and should be paid by on-line transfer - either annually or monthly - to Berkhamsted Cricket Club,  Account number 20878561, Sort code 20-39-07. Make sure you indicate the name of the player whose subs are being paid in the Reference box.  If you need to make special arrangements for the payment of your subs, please contact Peter Dudley -

 .      Men's and Students Subs & Match Fees

Table shows 2020 rates which will be subject to change.   Monthly payments must be set up by 31st January to be able to take advantage of spreading your payments:



Discounted Rate

Full Rate  – if not paid by May 31st  and no Standing Order set up

Match fees



£280 or
Standing Order: £23.33 per month starting from January only

Family all-in-one membership: 2 under-16 children + all-in-one for the adult: please apply to membership secretary (Peter Dudley)

Not available after May 31st


Pays to take this membership if playing more than 14 games in the season and helps the club by receiving your match fees in advance.

Note the family option, combining family membership with all-in-one.


£140 or 
Standing Order: £11.67 per month starting from January only

£160 (payment in full)

£10 (£15 until subs paid)

This membership is better value than the 'Half' membership when playing more than 8 games


£80 or 
Standing Order: £6.67 per month starting from January only

£100 (payment in full)


For those expecting to play only a few games a season. Better value if playing fewer than 8 games.

Family (1 adult plus up to 2 children)



£10 (£15 until subs paid)

Good value for players with kids in the junior section.

Student (in F/T further education)

£80 or 
Standing Order: £6.67 per month starting from January only

£100 (payment in full)



Social member**





** No voting rights

Women's Fees

There is a flat fee of £80 for all women players covering both matches and training.  Any U18 players should pay the equivalent junior fee. Match fees are £10 over 18s and £5 for U18s and students.   

Junior Fees

See table below – there are no match fees for junior games:

- All new members pay a once only joining fee of £50 (plus the annual fee)
      - If 2 siblings join at the same time 
then the fee is reduced to £30 per person (plus the annual fee). 
- New members with an older brother or sister 
already at the club pay a £30 joining fee (plus the annual fee). 
      - If a junior member plays for an adult team there is a separate match fee of £5
      - Please note winter coaching and our Easter and Summer Cricket Camps are subject to separate charges 




Boys and Girls U16 -18  in School years 11 to 13                          


Boys and Girls U9-U15  (including all summer coaching and junior match fees)  in school years 4 to 10                                    


Boys and Girls U7/8 (training only) in school years 2 and 3


Second/Third Child