David Wilson Memorial

David Wilson Memorial

It is with great sadness that we at Berkhamsted Cricket Club have learnt of the passing away of a great servant to the club, David Wilson. 

David arrived at Berkhamsted from Frinton CC where he had played with and against many Essex CCC cricketers. His Cambridge University Blue footballing eminence was invested for many seasons in the all-conquering Berkhamsted Sunday League team Potten End Harts, where his combination with Peter O'Toole and Mike Davis kept BCC's all-round sporting reputation at its usual high level.

After retiring from regular 1st XI action, David became Berkhamsted CC's first 'Cricket Manager' and shaped that role successfully over many seasons.

Steve James
"David was not only a football blue at Cambridge but was Captain. A number of years ago I met a fellow “blue” called Patrick Vaughan who spoke warmly of David as the “ man who awarded me my blue” – I believe that was the prerogative of the captain to make the award. 

David told me once that he had been summoned to see Sir Harold Thompson (who was terminally ill) who asked him if he could work to get Corinthian Casuals (where David skippered and then managed ) to work more closely with the Oxford equivalent of Pegasus, where Sir Harold was President.  Jonathon (David’s son) also noted that in David’s days at Casuals, the goalkeeper was one Bob Willis!!

As well as being a successful Berkhamsted Cricket Club team manager, David also took on the duty of managing the colts very successfully – I took over from him a bunch of well-organised young cricketers."

Bob and Andrew Niven
"We have many happy memories of David. He was a key player for Berko for many years and a thoroughly nice man and team-mate"

David Wilson is seen on the extreme right with the Gazette Cup winning team of 1967  
Left to right : Bob Niven, Norman Warren, Dennis Atkins, Brian Collins, Ken Burling (capt), Peter O’Toole, ‘local celebrity actor’, John Putman,                      Steve James (youthful spectator), Colin Meager, John East

    David Wilson on the extreme left with the 1970 Gazette Cup winning team
Left to right : David Wilson, Bob Niven, Dennis Atkins, Brian Coombes, Colin Buckle, Brian Davis, Colin Meager (capt), Laurie Thompson, Ian Phillips, Peter O’Toole, Steve Davies. Trophy being presented by the Gazette’s sports editor.

Photograph from 1971 shows BCC President Jim Harrowell presenting ‘centurion ties’ to Steve Davies and David Wilson

Berkhamsted Cricket Club 1st XI – season 1974. Winners of the inaugural Hertfordshire Cricket League title. David Wilson is pictured extreme left of front row

BCC 1st XI match report from the Gazette in the 1979 season