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World Cup 2018 Predictions Table


Welcome to the World Cup Predictions Competition page. This page holds the latest table as a spreadsheet so that you can keep track of your score during the competition. Simply click on the link below to download the latest table that is available.


This table was last updated: July 15th - final results!

June 14th - Russia with big win, 74 people on 7 points!
June 15th - Uruguay and Iran win very late, Spain/Portugal draw in a high scoring game, Steve Potts rises to the top by 3 points
June 16th - France, Denmark and Croatia win, Argentina/Iceland draw, Debbie Sutherland is the new leader by 3 points
June 17th - Serbia win, Germaany shocked, Brazil held, another new leader as Beth Bradley takes over the top by 1 point
June 18th - Sweden win, Belgium cruise, England give the fans palpitations again, Beth Bradley extends her lead to 5 points
June 19th - Japan and Senegal shock, Russia on a roll, Mick Denwood picks the results to leap to the top by a clear 5 points
June 20th - Portugal, Spain and Uruguay all win as expected by the one goal, Mick Kenwood stays 5 points ahead
June 21st - Australia draw with Denmark with a VAR penalty, France beat Peru, Argentina are awful, Pat Byrne is a new leader by 2 points
June 22nd - Brazil get away with it, Nigeria punish Iceland, Switzerland come back to win, Pay Byrne extends lead to 5 points
June 23rd - Belgium thrash, Mexico win again, Germany claim an outrageous last minute win, Pat Byrne remains 5 points in front
June 24th - England thrash, Japan and Senegal draw, Colombia easily beat Poland, Pat Byrne at same lead of 5 points
June 25th - Saudi Arabia surprise, Uruguay beat Russia, Iran nearly snatch a win against Portugal, Spain grab a draw, Pat Byrne extends lead to 12
June 26th - Peru get consolation win, Denmark and France play the most boring match ever, Croatia win, Argentina grab a place late, Pat Byrne's lead cut to 7 points
June 27th - Germany crash out, Sweden beat Mexico, Brazil cruise, Switzerland draw with Costa Rica, Pat Byrne's lead cut to a single point
June 28th - Poland get consolation win, Colombia qualify, Belgium win the 2nd team battle, Tunisia beat Panama, Jack Edwards is the new leader by 2 points
June 30th - France win a thriller against Argentina, Uruguay beat Portugal, Jack Edwards remains 2 points in front
July 1st - Two draws result in Russia and Croatia through on penalties, Jack Edwards ahead of Dave Mackie only by having more nine scores. 
July 2nd - Brazil beat Mexico, Belgium complete an incredible comeback against Japan, Jack Edwards still ahead of Dave Mackie by nine scores only
July 3rd - Sweden edge it, England finally win a penalty shoot out, Dave Mackie is another new leader by a clear 7 points
July 6th - France and Belgium make it through to the semi-finals, Dave Mackie extends his lead to 11 points
July 7th - England cruise to the semis to meet Croatia who win on penalties, Dave Mackie retains the lead by 9 points
July 10th - France through to the final, Dave Mackie retains a lead of 6 points
July 11th - Our hopes crushed as England out in extra time, Dave Mackie stays 6 points ahead and only he or Jack Edwards can now win the top prize
July 14th - Belgium take 3rd place, Jack Edwards retakes top place by 1 point going into the last game of the tournament
July 15th - France win a high scoring final, Jack Edwards wins by a single point  - congratulations!


1st - £300 - Jack Edwards (289)
2nd - £100 - Dave Mackie (288)
3rd - £60 - Rob Reid (274)
4th - £50 - Matt Lloyd (270)
5th - £40 - Dave Wheatley (268)
6th - £30 - Chas Coggins (265)

Best Knockout round score, for all scores after the group stages: £40 - Julia Eisenstadt (82)

Note that if two or more scores are the same then it is decided by the person who has scored the most 9 pointer games, if still equal then by who has scored the most 7 pointer games, etc. If the scores can still not separated after this then the prize(s) will be split between the equal scorers.