Berkhamsted Cricket Club - PitchVision Training System


Our Head Coach has personally purchased the PV One coaching system and the club has full access to it during all training sessions. We are the FIRST club in Hertfordshire with this system!

PitchVision One is a motion tracking system combined with video analysis. The system allows for instant video feedback thanks to an HD camera linked to a laptop (exclusive to PV). The system measures speed, deviation, registers foot landing position and also produces pitch maps. For batters, the ability to view their footwork in relation to where a delivery has pitched is invaluable and will help players better understand what the coaches would like them to improve and why.

The system requires a membership subscription which allows players to save their training sessions and view this from home or on the go via the new PitchVision app. Players are also able to add sessions to their files no matter where they use PitchVision so are not restricted to the one at the club. The membership fee is a one-off fee so there are no recurring costs and any club members registered also pay a reduced fee for any private coaching sessions using the system.

Here’s a look at the system in action:

The system is used by a number of international and county teams including Cricket South Africa, International Cricket Council and the M.C.C. Academy.  

Our ambition is to have all our members registered on the system so that coaches are able to select anyone at a training session to use the system without worrying about whether they are registered. There are a range of packages available but for club training use players will only need the Bronze level.

Membership packages:



No. Available










Membership + 1 lesson





Membership + 2 lessons





Membership + 5 lessons



*Individual coaching session using the system is £45 for a 75min lesson.

*Above prices exclusive to BCC members. Non-member prices available on request.

Please note as the Head Coach owns the system, all payments are made directly to him. The club isn’t charged for use of the system during our training.

For more information and to register please contact:

Riaz Richards